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How does Instant Recovery work?

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I was able to understand how Veeam B&R different modes of Backup & Replication work but couldn't find technical info on Instant Recovery (IR). How does it work? Does IR a full image backup require more time & resources than an incremental image or vice versa? I'd try to use an 8GB sample to test IR performance but the duration & processing rate are not noticeably different. For the fastest recovery of the entire guest VM, what's the best practice? TIA
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Re: How does Instant Recovery work?

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Please check out the recorded live demoes referenced in FAQ topic, on of the sessions is dedicated to Instant VM Recovery and goes into details on how it works, so this should answer most of your questions.

Yes, it is expected that there will be no noticeable performance or resources overhead when instantly recovering VM from incremental restore point, comparing to recovering full backup restore point. The vPower engine is smart enough figure out which backup file to read in order to get the virtual disk image block it needs when recovering from incremental restore point. If the block did not change since full backup, it will be read from full backup file. Otherwise, it will be read from incremental backup file.
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