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How many HotAdd disks can be presented to the VBR server

Post by icebun »

Is that a maximum number of HotAdd disks that can be mounted during backups in Virtual Appliance mode?

Pretty much most of my jobs now run in VA mode except for the larger VMs which run in Network Mode (all under vStorage API).

So that I can correctly shedule my jobs, is there a rule of thumb on this?


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Re: How many HotAdd disks can be presented to the VBR server

Post by Gostev »

I believe that one SCSI controller can handle up to 16 disks (you need to count VM's own disks too in this number, of course - not just hot added disks). I have seen a few support cases when customers managed to overcome this limit, and this was causing hot add problems obviously. So if you run multiple concurrent Veeam jobs, to be on the safe side you should simply add more SCSI controllers to your VM (default VM configuration has one controller only). Thanks!

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