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How to Re-Add a VM Without Recreating Entire Job

Post by rchew »

I recently had a VM fail during replication with the following error...

Checking destination Repair of replica was unsuccessful Undir failed Client error: Cannot delete '[hostname:storage1] VeeamBackup/vmname(vm-32901)/vmname.nvram'. Soap fault. File [hostname:storage1] VeeamBackup/vmname(vm-32901)/vmname.nvram was not foundDetail: '<FileNotFoundFault xmlns="urn:internalvim25" xsi:type="FileNotFound"><file>[hostname:storage1] VeeamBackup/vmname(vm-32901)/vmname.nvram</file></FileNotFoundFault>', endpoint: ''

I tried to remove the VM and re-add it back in on the job but now I get the following error...

Checking destination Replica VM file '[hostname:storage1] VeeamBackup/vmname(vm-32901)/replica.vbk' is missing from destination host 'hostname.ld.corp.local'. If you are using initial replica seeding, please follow the instruction from the readme.txt file in the chosen seeding location. If you changed replica destination in the replication job settings, please make sure you have moved all replica files to the new destination correctly.

Is there no way to just re-add the VM without recreating the entire replication job?


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Re: How to Re-Add a VM Without Recreating Entire Job

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Hello Ray,

I'm afraid it is not possible to continue replication job after you've re-added the VM, but you should definitely contact showing them all the log files.

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Re: How to Re-Add a VM Without Recreating Entire Job

Post by Gostev »

Looks like your job is configured to perform initial seeding. Remember that you need to perform this process for each newly added VM.
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