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How to tell what backups are encrypted

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Hi all,
Initially after rebuilding this customer's servers, I did not have encryption set on their backup jobs or copy jobs. I have since discussed this with them and have started to enable encryption. Unfortunately, I did not record the date when each job was enabled - they were not all done on the same day since the backup jobs trigger a full new .vbk and so I had to watch my disk space (and backup windows). Unfortunately #2, it means I cannot tell which backup sets (.vbk + .vib's) are encrypted or not. The plan was to reduce the retention window so that the older, unencrypted sets get deleted (since they are unencrypted).

I can see under the "Backups" node that some jobs now have an encryption key in the icon.

- how can I tell if all the restore points in a backup job are encrypted or not?
- or, if there is a key on the overall backup job, does this mean that all backups within it are encrypted?

Same goes for copy jobs - since these do not start to be encrypted until the next Active Full backup, how can I tell if that is done.

Would have saved me a lot of grief if I had kept a log of the date I turned on encryption...

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Re: How to tell what backups are encrypted

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I think PowerShell is the easiest way.

Best regards,
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