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How to use SOBR to move data from one Exagrid share to another

Post by jrbaumann » Jan 21, 2019 6:53 pm


I've been searching the forums and haven't really located information on what i am trying to do.

I've got multiple Exagrid devices with shares on each. I'm trying to move backup jobs and current data from one Exagrid share to another Exagrid share. Reading has led me to using SOBR.

I've created the SOBR but have no clue on how to move backup data form Exagrid 1 share 1 to Exagrid 2 share 1 using SOBR.

Is there a walk through on this process?

I've looked at and but can't figure out how to move files where i want them.



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Re: How to use SOBR to move data from one Exagrid share to another

Post by foggy » Jan 21, 2019 8:28 pm

Hi Jeff, you can simply move the files, re-point the jobs to the new repository and map them to the copied backup chains in the new repository. Another possibility is adding both repositories to a SOBR and evacuating backups from one of the extents to another.

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