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I feel like support over complicates support issues.

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Created a case for hopefully an easy issue. I have 1 backup job that runs weekly and copies 4 VMs to a cloud provider (offsitedatasync). It has failed two weeks in a row with the same error message: Error: Full Storage Not Found.

Other jobs that copy different VM's to the same provider on different days of the week run fine.

I created a case and uploaded the logs for the job.

I got 2 separate emails back that said the following:

Code: Select all


Please be sure the provider and tenant are on update 2. I see the tenant is on update 1. The provider should be on update 2 before the tenant updates.

I would then like the following if you are still having issues after updating:

Tenant username to access the provider:

Provider name:

Provider contact information:

Tenant Veeam Backup & Replication server's public IP:

Tenant job logs (Veeam > main menu > Help > Support Information > Export logs for this job (Not by server) > Choose > select the job > OK > next through the rest).

Service Provider's (the service provider will need to supply these) backup component logs for gateway/s, proxy/s, repository/s, wan accelerator, VCC server (Veeam > main menu > Help > Support Information > Export all logs for selected components > next through the rest).


Please copy the following url to a Windows folder address bar (not a web browser) and once you have copied the zipped files to it send me an email so that I know I have received  them:


Hello Kerry, 

Due to the product in use, to expedite your issue this case will be transferred to our Veeam Cloud Connect specialty team. In order for them to assist, specific logging and information is needed. 

Please carefully read and follow the instructions in this KB to collect the required information to troubleshoot: 

An FTP link will be provided for upload: 


Please note the following critical information is required: 

Service provider external IP = 
Tenant external IP = 
Tenant name = 
Job name = 
Job type = 
Error shown = 

Please update the case with a response confirming upload, otherwise the engineer will not be notified that logs are ready for investigation. 
Once this has been completed, the VCC team will promptly review the case history and details to determine the best next steps for your case prior to contact.
Why does this have to be so complicated? I guess I'm the tenant?

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Re: I feel like support over complicates support issues.

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Correct, you are the tenant. Best would be to contact your service provider and ask them if they are running update 2 of VBR 9.5 on their side as requested by support.

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