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I made a bonehead move

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Our organization runs a backup copy job to replicate nightly incremental backups to a virtualized Veeam server running at a remote branch. The copy job includes a monthly defrag/compact operation against the remote repository files. Recently that compact job ran and ran out of free space in the remote repository. The correct action on my part should have been to add some additional disk space from the physical host to the virtual repository to allow the operation to finish and then later compact the virtual disk itself, but I foolishly thought that I could just abort the compact operation and then delete the TEMP file it had built. Now, even though the original backup file exists on the remote repository, all copy jobs fail with an error about being unable to find the TEMP file. I am trying to avoid having to clean the remote repository and do an active-full copy as that would take a very long time to resync all that data. Have I shot myself in the foot here? Is there any way to roll back the changes made by that failed compact operation and re-sync the copy job against the file that is still there?

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Re: I made a bonehead move

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You can try to map the new job to this backup chain, but this will not work most likely, since the TEMP file was already registered in the database and is currently missing. I'd recommend contacting support for the logs and database review, hard to tell without inspecting them.

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