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Implementing a veeam infrastructure

Post by thunderconsult »

Hello everyone

I manage physical and virtual servers running on Hyper-v
The company wants to implement a local backup and cloud replication
I am a little concern about what solution to use.
Will Veeam Backup and replication help me backup both physical and virtual server
and send a copy of the backup to the cloud. :? :?
PS this is a small Business so I have less then 10 servers ( Physical and Virtual)

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Re: Implementing a veeam infrastructure

Post by veremin »

Correct, Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 Update will allow you to:

* protect virtual workloads
* protect physical workloads (make sure that your license contains workstation and server counters)
* send offsite backup to cloud repositories


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Re: Implementing a veeam infrastructure

Post by Vitaliy S. »

For the physical protection you will need to use Veeam Agents. Veeam B&R will allow you to manage these Agents through a single console. As for cloud backups, then currently we're running this promo campaign which should allow you to find the VCSP (Veeam cloud provider) that best fits your budget.


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