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Importing Standalone VBKs into Scale-out Repo

Post by JacksonWG »

What is the best way to import a large number (1000+) of standalone VBKs into an existing scale-out repository?

We have some restore points older backup jobs that are no longer in use and we'd like to get them from their current location into an existing scale-out repo so I can get that data in the S3 capacity tier. I do have the .VBMs but I don't want or need to also import any of the incremental files (vib) from the jobs.

I've looked at the Manual Backup import step but it has a couple of problems:
1. The file has to be available on a server managed by Veeam. My files are on NAS storage exposed by NFS (or Samba if necessary).
2. That method means I'm importing a single file at a time. And I have over a thousand.

Because these VBKs cover hundreds of VMs in per-VM backup chains, will the imported backups show me 1000 individual restore points for the same number of VMs? Or will Veeam recognize where VBKs are for the same VM and collate them appropriately.

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Re: Importing Standalone VBKs into Scale-out Repo

Post by Mildur »

Hi Jackson

Automatic restore through rescan requires the vbm file to be present.
Probably the easiest way is to use this kb article to move the VBM and the VBK file to the the SOBR.
After the rescan you can remove the missing VIB files backups from Veeam's configuration per Powershell: Remove-VBRBackupFile

And as last step, you have to move the backups manually to object storage. Imported backups won't be moved automatically:
Either use the Console or Powershell.

I recommend testing the steps with a backup of a single machine first.

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