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include my excluded disks in a sure back up job

Post by larry »

I have a VM with 5 disks. Only 2 disks change daily some of the non-changing history disks are 2 TB’s.
I have a remote job at my DR site that backups the changing disks only. I want to have a sure backup job that custom tests needs all the disks. I had the remote job run with all the disks, the lab works. This stays good until something happens like I run out of disk space and Veeam does a full again which takes days.
Can I use two jobs to backup the same VM, one job for the daily disks the other job I run once a year but have surebackup test with all disks daily ?
What’s the best way to include my excluded disks in a sure back up job ?

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Re: include my excluded disks in a sure back up job

Post by Gostev »

Interesting use case. I am guessing the only way to make it work is to perform scripted move of those 2TB disks into automatically generated VM folder in vPower NFS root folder. Move operation is instant within the same volume. Alternatively, create links to the file in the same folder? Just some ideas from the top of my head, this would have to be tested of course. Definitely no simple solution...

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