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Incremental size

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We have a backup job which contains 17 VMs. Our daily incrementals are running about 75 GB. This seems to be quite large to us, but we have not been able see on any reports the breakdown of how the individual VMs are contributing to this 75 GB.
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Re: Incremental size

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I'm not aware of any current method to get this from the Veeam GUI. The most obvious indicator is typically how long each individual VM takes to process as, a VM that takes 30 minutes is generally processing more data than a VM that takes 5 minutes. Typically high change rate VM's are transactional like Exchange or SQL because they make many small changes across the disk, thus affecting a disproportionate number of blocks, however, other things like anti-virus or online defragmenters can also cause a significant amount of change.
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Re: Incremental size

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I have this issue also. I need to identify the rate of change per VM in order to troubleshoot why the incrementals are so large. The job speed does not correlate to how much change there is in that VM. is there a value in the logs that can be translated to give us this sort of information?

Thank you in advance for any assistance
- Michael
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Re: Incremental size

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Per-VM information is provided in the job email report, or by right-clicking the job and choosing Report (same report).
And in the real time statistics too of course (amount "read" shown is the size of all changed blocks for the given disk).
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