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Independent white paper comparison

Post by withanh »

I just downloaded the OpenBenchLabs whitepaper on comparing Veeam B&R v5 to Symantec BackupExec v2010R2. I was hoping for a totally agnostic comparison because my managment team is pushing me to switch to BackupExec. I was disappointed to see the Veeam logo on the cover of this, our management team will say "of course that report favors Veeam, it's got their logo on it, that means they commissioned it" (whether that's true or not, that's what they will assume because of your logo on it).

Does anyone know of any other comparisons that are truely independant?


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Re: Independant white paper comparison

Post by bc07 »

Probably Gartner has a report. We completely replaced BackupExec backups to disk with Veeam. We use BackupExec now only for backup to tape.

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Re: Independant white paper comparison

Post by Gostev »

Darhl, we always prefer full disclosure. Of course, we could have easily NOT put our logo there. But this would not be fair because we did sponsor it.

I agree sponsorship does matter on high-level comparisons (aka buyers guides), when no real evaluation is done, and instead sponsor provides some arbitrary vision-engineered matrix, built in a way that they get all checks marked, and competition gets a lot of X'es.

On the other hand, this one is real, hands on testing done by established and respected laboratory. Why would they provide false numbers or anything like it? It would be so easy to prove them lying by doing the same tests. So, if there are concerns about Veeam sponsorship - then just ignore all conclusions and marketing, but looks at tables, graphs and numbers. They speak for themselves...

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