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Indexing & NTFS MFT

Post by itdirector »

From the FAQ below, is there a way to speed up the indexing process? Scandisk to clean up the NTFS MFT, or some other method in Windows? We backup about 40 VM's per night with indexing on. Most indexing run under 3 minutes. We have three servers that take 15 to 20 minutes to index.


Q: Will turning on indexing slow down my backups significantly?
A: No. Instead of scanning through the whole file system (like some competitive solution do), we capture index data directly from NTFS MFT, as a part of guest OS freeze process. For a typical VM, the required data is captured and parsed nearly instantly, which is we are calling this Instant Indexing.

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Re: Indexing & NTFS MFT

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To the best of my knowledge indexing speed cannot really be changed, as it really depends on the number of files stored on the servers.

Could you please tell me how many files do you have on these servers? If we are talking about millions of files, then it might take a while to get, parse and write their descriptions.

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Re: Indexing & NTFS MFT

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I was advised to view how fragmented my drive was so that is what i am in the process of doing now. My file server of 650gb and several hundred thousand files. I am currently still waiting on it to defragment. it was at 89% fragmentation.

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