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Initial Replication Target

Post by rizks_2000 »

During the Veeam webinar we attended, they went over using mobile storage to perform the intial replication. In our case, we want to try this using a standard mobile external HD, very basic. Within Veeam interface, I check the box that says Perform initial replication over this removable storage and then navigate to the external HD which I have attached to my own PC. I've created a shared folder out on the HD. When I hit next, I get the following error:

Invalid target host

Why am I receiving this error? We want to go to this target initially and then bring the external HD over to our DR site and import the files into our true datastore over there. Cannot this not work this way?
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Re: Initial Replication Target

Post by Gostev »

It does work this way, I am not sure what you are doing wrong. Some screenshots would help to understand how you have settings defined on this step. Please feel free to contact our support directly for assistance.
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