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Install new server running Windows 2012 and VBR 9.5

Post by stewsie »

The Veeam server (VM) I manage is currently at version 8 running on Windows 2008. I have been waiting for 9.5 to upgrade and ideally want to install this on a new server running Windows 2012. Can I follow the procedure to create a new server, Install 9.5 and connect to the backup repositories used by the V8 server and then import the Veeam configuration that I would export from V8 or would I need to install V8 on the new server first and then do an in place upgrade to 9.5?


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Re: Install new server running Windows 2012 and VBR 9.5

Post by PTide »


If you have v8 U3 then please follow the steps described here. Otherwise please contact support team for assistance.

Thank you.

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[MERGED] Updating Veeam/Moving to VM Question

Post by kibbis »

We are currently looking into updating our Veeam as we are a few versions behind (currently on version 8.0). Our plan is to move from physical to virtual. My question is, would it be better to create the VM using our current version (v8), import the config, and then upgrade? Or can we create the VM with the latest version and updates and import the config from version 8?

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Re: Updating Veeam/Moving to VM Question

Post by DGrinev »

Hi Kyle and welcome to the community!

I'd recommend you to move Veeam B&R to VM first, import config and then upgrade from v8 upd3 to v9.5 upd1.
The link provided in the post above contains a detailed upgrade guide.


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