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Instant Recovery failed - changed files

Post by kevin1979 »

I was trying to use the Instant Recovery feature to restore a file server. Since it was a file server, I had it turned on during the Instant Recovery so that users could use the server. During the restore, the job failed and the server crashed. Is there a way to get the files that were created/modified while the restore was running? I'm assuming a snapshot was used to save changes during the restore so is there a way to recover them?

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Re: Instant Recovery failed - changed files

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Kevin, all changes are written to the redo logs, these logs are automatically discarded when you manually stop the instant VM recovery process. Since your instant VM recovery has crashed (need to investigate with our support team the reason why it has happened), can you please take a look at your vPower NFS datastore? Do you see any files there?

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Re: Instant Recovery failed - changed files

Post by Gostev »

Generally speaking, in such cases you should be able to just power the instant recovered VM back on, and it will continue on at where the server has crashed. No changes are discarded until you manually "stop publishing" the VM before migrating it to the production storage. Thanks!

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