Is a remote backup destination possible? Where to install?

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Is a remote backup destination possible? Where to install?

Veeam Logoby rowebil » Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:30 pm

Hey guys,

I asked for a backup solution on Reddit and I was told to check Veeam out.

It is interesting software, and even better than what I expected.
I just wanted a simple backup solution for my Exchange Server and SQL Server, along with my workstation PCs.
This is a home environment.
I DO have 1 vSphere host, which from what I understand, is the core goal of Veeam -- to backup VMs.
So that is now a possibility for me.

I have a cloud server that I host off-site.
It can either be Windows or Linux.

My question is, can I use that cloud server as the backup repository?
I assume I can. The YouTube video said Linux would work better and just requires an SSH user and password - correct?

Where would I install Veeam Backup and Replication?
I mean the console.

Can I install that on the cloud Windows machine, and also use it as a repo?
OR should I install it locally, and just use a Linux (or Windows) cloud machine as the repo?

If I install it locally, can I install it virtually?
How about installing it on the machine that SQL server runs on?

I have three physical servers --
1 is a vSphere Host with my Active Directory, DHCP, and Spam Filtering server as the (3) VMs.
1 is an Exchange server -- it only hosts Exchange.
Lastly, the other is a 'everything' server -- it hosts my SQL Server, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Center, and Malwarebytes Endpoint Security.
I do have a desktop PC (or netbook) that I can install Windows on just to host Veeam Backup & Replication console, UNLESS I can install that on the off-site Windows machine, and just point my clients to that off-site machine.

So that is my question -- how do I make this work if I wish to have a remote repo?

I do know that WAN transferring can be slow, but I'd really only like to backup files and folders anyway.
So what are my options?

I'd like to have Active Directory backed up... Exchange uses Server Backup to an external hard drive and then I backup that entire contents of the external hard drive every morning to CrashPlan... and the SQL Server is just really Anti-Virus security and I don't really care about it, but if the feature is in this to back that up, I'd enjoy that too.
On WorkStations, I don't really care for image backups.
I just need something that can backup files and folders.
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Re: Is a remote backup destination possible? Where to instal

Veeam Logoby Andreas Neufert » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:11 am

You have several options here, but the one that I would suggest you to do is the one that is inline with the 3-2-1 backup rule:
3 copies of the data (production, backup, backup copy)
2 different storage controller logics or different media
1 offsite copy

Install Veeam Backup & Replication on your workstation or at one a new VM. (do not install it on a server that you want to backup).Give this Server or workstation a backup target disk (Small external iSCSI Storage ???).
Add WAN Accelerator to the B&R.
Install a Repository and WAN Accelerator on your Windows Cloud Server.

Use B&R to backup your VMs locally.
Use Endpoint backup (and maybe Veeam Agent for Linux) to backup the physical Servers to the B&R Server (to the Repository Server pointed to the external iSCSI?).
Create a Backup Copy job with WAN Accelerators to transport your backups to the cloud server very efficient.

It looks like you can use Veeam Essentials Enterprise Plus for that single host.
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