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iSCSI access to a LUN that is FC provisioned

Post by egroeg »


Multi-Protocol SAN (has both FC and iSCSI). No extra ports available on the FC Switches - so planning to give VEEAM VM access to storage LUNs via iSCSI.

Having the same lun accessed by both FC and iSCSI is a big NO, but if the client accessing the LUN is Veeam in read-only mode to the LUN via iSCSI, is this method supported?

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Re: iSCSI access to a LUN that is FC provisioned

Post by Gostev »

I guess that would be mostly a question to your SAN vendor, because the only thing that matters for Veeam B&R is that the VMFS LUN is mapped to the backup server. But, if you are wondering specifically about "read-only" mode, then not only this is supported by Veeam, but also is the recommended way to configure your backup server for direct SAN access. Thanks.

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