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iSCSI as BackupRepository ?

Post by Henere »

Hi there,

doing my first steps with VEEAM B&R. Searching for over an hour now... how can i add a backuprepository using MS-iSCSI-Initiator. Have 2 NAS connected, no drive Letter assigned.
Can someone tell me how to use them to store the backups on them ?
Both NAS are QNAP.

Regards, Henere

Mike Resseler
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Re: iSCSI as BackupRepository ?

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hi Henere,

First: Welcome to our forums!
Second: I might misunderstand your question but what do you mean with no drive letter assigned?

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Re: iSCSI as BackupRepository ?

Post by foggy »

If you've already mounted the NAS LUN to the backup server via iSCSI Initiator, you need to format it with either NTFS or ReFS and use that local volume as repository.

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Re: iSCSI as BackupRepository ?

Post by Mgamerz »

I'm pretty sure you must have a drive letter assigned. We use iSCSI + ReFS (we don't have any high performance needs right now).

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