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Isolated Backup Network and Physical Servers

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I'm in the beginning of designing a new backup configuration and I am hoping for some input.
I'm looking to make an isolated backup subnet(10.0.0.x) that I will have the backup server, an immutable repository, the backup proxies in our vcenter environment, and potentially a second IP address for vCenter.
The aspect that I'm currently stuck on is how do I handle the handful of Physical Servers and get them backed up if they are in our production network(10.0.1.x). I figure the isolated network would not be able to see those machines unless I put an additional nic for them on that network. Though that would seem counterintuitive as that would be opening up the the isolated network further to any attacks if they are able to compromise the physical servers since they could use those servers as the bridge to the isolated network.
Am I missing an easy solution here? Any suggestions? Thank you.
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Re: Isolated Backup Network and Physical Servers

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Hi Daniel and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

It does not seem that you overlooked something, I don't see solutions other than adding a nic to the physical servers or making a route to the backup network.

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