Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

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Re: Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

Veeam Logoby WinstonWolf » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:11 pm

Is the Solution to delete some vbks or vibs ?
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Re: Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

Veeam Logoby v.Eremin » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:43 pm

You can either delete everything older that the latest full backup manually or lower retention temporarily, say, to 10 (or whatever number of RPs exist since the latest full backup) and let retention policy do exactly that but in automatic fashion. Thanks.
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[MERGED] Restore Points

Veeam Logoby Dr.Gerry » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:45 am

I guess I must be missing something (or have something misconfigured....or messed up somehow), but I am struggling to understand the 'restore points to keep on disk' option in backup jobs. I have all my backups set to 14 restore points to keep on disk, but almost all of them have at least this many - they range from 15-24 restore points on disk.

Obviously I am doing something wrong......can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re: Restore Points

Veeam Logoby tdewin » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:25 am

I imagine you have a Forward Incremental chain with Synthetic Full. Please review the following KB articles: ... ,0,0,1,0&e

Basically it has to do with the dependency of your oldest increment(s) (it is dependent on the whole previous chain).

If you have still follow up questions, do not hesitate to get back to this thread
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[MERGED] Veeam not remove old backups

Veeam Logoby adrianIDC » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:01 am

In my production with veeam b&R v8.

I configured all jobs to retention 5 points.
I find sometimes that every job has saved restore points 7/10, preventing me execute new tasks for lack of storage.

You should not do it automatically?
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Re: Veeam not remove old backups

Veeam Logoby PTide » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:56 am


That can happen during forward incremental if intermediate fulls are configured, and it's absolutely normal (more info here). Is that the case?

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[MERGED] Retention of daily backups with a weekly full backu

Veeam Logoby SaAtomic » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:15 am

I read trough the helpcenter entries for retention, weekly full backups and other, but I'm still note quite sure.

If I were to create one backup job, with daily incremental backups of a number of VMs (no synthetic full backups), with a retention of 7 days and an active full backup weekly.
Would I end up with 7 restore points, whereas one of which is a full backup and the rest are only the changes from the last full backup, for each VM?

So in total, 1 full backup from the weekly active full backup and 6 incremental backup.
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Re: Job Set for 14 Mount Points - 46 exist

Veeam Logoby foggy » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:46 am

Depending on the day of the week, you will have from 7 (1 full + 6 increments) till 13 (2 fulls + 11 increments) restore points on disk. Please see the visual explanation above.
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