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large vm (over 1TB) replication - is anyone doing this?

Post by cmdrriker »

What's the largest size vm that folks out there are replicating? Is anyone replicating large vm's with multiple 1 TB vmdk's located on separate luns? If anyone is, what specific problems have you encountered, and how did you architect around them? (or couldn't you?) I have several large vm's like this that need to be replicated at least every 2-4 hours, and am looking to be proactive and design right in advance. (i.e. use a dedicated snapshot lun? why, or why not? Use network mode instead of virtual machine mode, or vice versa?, etc.)

All experiences and ideas are appreciated.
Vitaliy S.
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Re: large vm (over 1TB) replication - is anyone doing this?

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Hello Will,

Though Virtual Appliance mode may fail while mounting virtual disks large VMDK files (1 TB) as per VMware's VDDK release notes, we have a successfull example of using VA mode with such disks, please have a look: ... 01&start=0

So taking into consideration that SAN mode is unavailable and all your VMDK files are located on separate luns, I would say that vStorage API - Network job mode should be the best choice for you.

Thank you!
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