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Legacy copy job incorrect source

Post by SteelContainer »

Hi there,

We have some backup and backup copy jobs that have been upgraded to the new format in v12 but due to space constraints some copy jobs were left on the legacy format.
These legacy copy jobs use VMware tags for source data and there are both legacy and new jobs it could get the backup data from but the job is trying to use the new job as the source presumably because they run more frequent than the legacy jobs (hourly vs daily). This causes the "legacy backup copy jobs do not support new format" error.

Is there some way to force Veeam to check all backup jobs on the source repository for compatible data? i.e. use legacy jobs as source if available rather than producing an error.

Case # 06030530

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Re: Legacy copy job incorrect source

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Hello Cullan,

Thank you for your feedback and the case ID. Investigating the mentioned behavior, stay tuned.
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