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License renewal - strange pricing

Post by jeff_work »

Has anyone recently renewed their Veeam subscription, decreased their instance count, and ended up having to pay more?

We consolidated some of our VM sprawl and require less instances. We decreased from 9 instance to 7 instances and the renewal cost came back $500 more. Not a huge amount, but we are paying more for less (20 less instances cost more).
I understand discounting comes into play, but I think this is the first time I have had a renewal for less of anything come back higher. Note this is not something the reseller did, as they received pricing from Veeam Customer Success Representative.

Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.
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Re: License renewal - strange pricing

Post by Gostev »

Since VUL is sold in 10-packs (5-packs in case of Veeam Essentials), I believe going from 9 to 7 won't change anything in terms of the number of licensing you need to renew, which is still 10. However, $500 is hard to explain by anything except a discount on the original purchase because annual VUL price increase was only 5% this year (well below inflation).
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