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License use count 'formula'

Post by PeterLouwerse » Mar 01, 2018 1:57 pm

Dear All,

Can anyone tell me what the ' formula' is that is being used for the monthly automated license use reports in Veeam 9.5 ( both B&R and CC). The Script for Veeam 8 we used, gave the option to get the monthly report too but the Veeam 9 reporting has, as far as I've seen, not option to add an extra e-mail address (i guess e-mail isn't used anymore). I would like to be able to get those numbers. We have to report the usage to our Veeam re-seller (who reports to Veeam) and the only data we now have, is the one from the GUI (and that is not accurate I think).

What I did find out is that the Veeam 8 script (version 1.3) gives different numbers compared to the GUI so I guess the 'formula' changed.

Any info is appreciated.

Thanks in advance & regards,

Peter Louwerse
SLTN InterAccess

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Re: License use count 'formula'

Post by veremin » Mar 01, 2018 5:49 pm

Basically it counts any VM that has at least one restore point created within last 31 days. More information can be found here.

The said script has been modified for changes introduced in version 9, thus, it shows different numbers.

Also, since you're a Service Provider, it stands to reason to apply to Veeam Cloud Provider group, using Usergroup settings in the User Control Panel. This is needed to get access to dedicated cloud providers' forum where similar questions are discussed.


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