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Linux Replica Issue...

Post by avillarreal »

Hi Everyone, I got a problem replicating a RedHat Linux Server using Veeam 5.0.1...

First I make the replica without issues and it work normally...But after the second recovery point, when I try to recover the old restore point the drives or the partition get corrupted and it won’t boot up…

Configuration of the ESX:
Version 4.1.0

The configuration on the Readhat is:
2 Virtual Hard drives 190 GB each
2 Volume Group
Disk provisioning: Thin

Properties of the Job:
Change Block Tracking Enable
Enable VMWare tools quiescence
Enable automatic replication integrity checks
Replica disk (Force Think and Thin) already try it both

Any ideas?

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Re: Linux Replica Issue...

Post by Gostev »

Hi, if you power up replica VM manually instead of doing failover, you will introduce irreversible changes to replica VM disks. Coupled with following incremental updates of this modified VMDK, you will end up with corrupted/unbootable restore point. This is documented in the User Guide, we strongly recommend that you stick to Veeam Backup UI controls when interacting with replica VMs (unless you know what you are doing). There a few existing topics around here about proper way of manual replica testing, if you are interested to learn more. Thanks.

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