Local Backup Copies... Any reason for them?

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Local Backup Copies... Any reason for them?

Veeam Logoby WalterRobbs » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:16 am

I have been doing backup copies to local storage along with normal backups and GFS tape archiving for off-site. Is there really any reason to do backup copies locally? I am starting to run out of storage space and think that it may be unnecessary. My thinking was to have 3 months of copies on-site so that I wouldn't have to retrieve tapes unless something was needed that was older than 3 months. We are not doing off-site backup currently. What would you do in this case?
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Re: Local Backup Copies... Any reason for them?

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:39 am 1 person likes this post

Hi Walter,

First: Welcome to the forums!

If I understand correctly, you are doing backups then backup copy jobs to local storage and then GFS tape archiving. Am I correct?

Personally, I would go for backups to local storage (for x amount of time, I will come back to that one) and the backup to tape for offsite archiving (or any other air-gapped solution).

You state that you keep 3 months. Think of it for yourself: Every time you had to do a restore, what was the date of the data you needed to retrieve. If we use statistics, we see that way over 90 percent of the restores comes from the last 7 days, most of the rest from the last 2 to 4 weeks.

If you talk to your C-level, explain them that 4 weeks onsite (on disk) is probably enough, and that you can move the rest offsite. But do explain also that it means that RTO for the first 4 weeks is good, and after that... not so good. If they agree with that SLA. You have saved probably the storage you need

My thoughts on this
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