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Location of Veeam Server for Replication.

Post by cag »

In order to use Veeam in Appliance Mode for replication does it matter if the server is at the DR site or the production site.
The reason I ask this I currently have a veeam server located at the DR site and I cannot get the replication to work using appliance mode, it always falls back to network mode.
In my test lab I have the reverse, the veeam server is at the production side and appliance mode is working correctly.
I believe that the veeam server needs to be installed as a VM on the same VMWARE Server that the servers I wish to replicate.
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Re: Location of Veeam Server for Replication.

Post by Gostev »

Hi, Veeam VM location for Virtual Appliance mode are explained in the sticky FAQ topic. Basically, the answer depends on your storage configuration, but most typically you can only put the VM in the source/production site.

Additionally, you may want to review known Virtual Appliance mode limitations listed in the FAQ topic. These are the reasons why VM processing would fail.

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