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location of veeam server

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I didn't find a conclusive answer in the forums about this, so here goes...
Provided you're backing up or replicating data over a wan link with 2 sites separated by a vpn,
If you want to use data-deduplication and compression, does it matter whether the veeam server is located at the source or target site?
And, is there a difference between an esxi or an esx source host?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: location of veeam server

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Hi Koen,

No, it doesn't matter, in both cases you'll have data de-duplication and compression presented.

Please have a look at different Pros and Cons of installing Veeam Backup server on the production site and the DR, might be helpful: ... 8738#p8738

By the way, could you please describe your virtual infrastructure setup? What host versions are you running?

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Re: location of veeam server

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Hi Guys,

I beleive running the Veeam server at the DR site is faster for replication, however I found only the initial first full backup to take longer if you run the Veeam server at DR intstead of the production site.

Please see my post here:
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