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Long pause between backing up the vmx and the vmdk's

Post by GarethWilson »


I am experiencing a long pause between backing up the vmx, nvram files etc and then moving on to the vmdk (about 5 minutes this pause can be) is this normal ?

I am using vstorage api with SAN only option selected and all vm's are version 7 of virtual hardware when the backups start going the speeds are anything from 40MB/s to 200MB/s (backups are living on a FC disk presented to the veeam server)

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Re: Long pause between backing up the vmx and the vmdk's

Post by Gostev »

Gareth, usually all these longer pauses are caused by SOAP communications with vCenter server (requesting/receiving data through VMware API). These operations may take quite long on busy vCenter. I also have couple of other guesses specific to actual VMDK processing.

If you could open support case and send us full job logs from Help | Support Information, we should be able to confirm what exact query/operation takes long time, and we may be able to provide some recommendations on improving this for you.

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