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Looking to Purchase Veeam

Post by NavRyan »

I have two questions I hope some of the Veeam Backup users can help me with. First one is that I am buying Veeam backup to backup about 15 vm's at a COLO facility. However my Virtual Center Server is located about 6 states away over a 50 Meg Line. When Veeam interfaces with the VC server does it send any of the backup traffic through the VC server? I'm assuming it doesn't and that it would be direct from the ESX server to the Veeam server. I plan on having Veeam installed on a VM on the esx servers I am backing up.

Second question is I'm looking for a cheap NAS to back up about 1.5TB of Vm's. I'm looking at Buffalo Terastations and would present these to the Veeam VM server via an NFS mount.

Ok I do have one last question: With the Deduping do the backup time speed up after the first initial backup of a VM?
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Re: Looking to Purchase Veeam

Post by Gostev »

Hello Ryan,

1. Backup traffic is direct from ESX to Veeam Backup console.
2. Hopefully someone from community uses it and can post some feedback on this NAS since I have not heard about this storage.
3. Incremental backup speed is faster than full backup, but not because of deduping (just because only changes since last backup are processed).

Thank you.
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