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Many issues after upgrade to Veeam

Post by alemar »

Hi guys,

I am very disappointed about this new release of VEEAM (6 + Patch2). I am facing a lot of problems with (almost) all my backup jobs configured under release 5. Basically I had to recreate and re-run all of my jobs.

But problems are not ended. Two of my most important VMs (1,5 TB each) have, at present moment, missing backups. They simply failed. I opened 3 cases in 3 days (5171841,5171258,5170708 ). Apparentely they have all differents bugs. Support till now did not help at all.
I recap briefly the 3 ticket I opened just in case someone can give me a quicker answer than veeam support:
All my jobs are using DIRECT SAN ACCESS:
1) backup job fails if VM has a vmdk on a LUN that is not visible to veeam backupserver BUT that vmdk is excluded from backup job; (i did not have such a problem with release 5)
2) Backup job unexpectedly fails (maybe is the 48 hours running job bug, but if this is the case why support is not providing any help or any answer? )
3) I started a job which is working fine (the long running of previous point) then I started another job (second big VM) but this is totally stucked.... might it be the bug of the reversed incremental which starts only at syntethic full day? I dont't think so... But the problem is Why I cannot stop it? Neither using the GUI nor using powershell?

If anyone of you could give me a hint about those topics I'll appreciate it very much.


P.S: shuold I downgrade back to release 5??

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