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MAX backup size

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I have sql 2008 r2 box, and would like to use veeam backup and replication the latest version to backup this VM.

As this data store is over 2TBs in size, is it possible to have this backed up, if not, what are my options.

Will I have any issues running a snapshot ?

and how does esx calculates the amount of disk usage for snapshot?

current lun setup -

150GB OS drive - 4mb block
650 GB data drive 4mb block
150 GB log drive 1mb block
999 GB data drive 4mb block
300GB data drive 4mb block

Vitaliy S.
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Re: MAX backup size

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Hello Raymond,

You shouldn't have any issues while backing up VM with virtual disk spread over multiple LUNs. As for the the snapshot creation, then it will be taken on the LUN where VM configuration files reside.

Here is similar topic with more details: How much Snapshot space is needed for a full backup?

Thank you.
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