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migrating both Veeam BR and VMs to new host

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We are running Veeam BR on 2 physical servers. We bought a new physical server to which we will migrate all the VMs running on the old 2 physical servers. How could we combine the Veeam DB on this new server...?

Current Setup:
Server P1 running Veeam v12 backing up VMs: VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4
Server P2 running Veeam v12 backing up VMs: VM5, VM6, VM7, VM8

New Setup:
Server P3 running Veeam v12 or 12 backing up VMs: VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4, VM5, VM6, VM7, VM8.

I opened a case but got confusing answers. I am hoping someone with similar experience can chime in. First suggestion was to backup and restore the config of one of the existing servers to the new server and then migrate the second server manually. That seems like a cumbersome task to re-create all the repositories, backup jobs etc.

A second suggestion was to replicate or quick migrate the VMs (which seems to be only available for vSphere) to the new server.

We have some very large VMs 15-20 TBs and we are also moving the VHDs to different storage. So our solution to migrate the VM is to detach the large VHDs and move them manually to new storage, then export the VM from old Hyper V and import into new Hyper V to keep Guid etc.

In doing all of this, our hope is to keep our backup chain especially on S3 storage. If we have to send fulls to the cloud, it would take weeks and cost a lot of money.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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Re: migrating both Veeam BR and VMs to new host

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You have some options, first option keep the both VBRs and manage them from Veeam Enterprise Manager. Second options is to use VeeamMove:
Veeam Backup & Replication allows you to move all backups of a backup job to another repository or to move specific workloads and their backups to another job.

Moving backups to another repository can be helpful if you are running out of free space on a repository and want to move all backups created by a backup job to another repository, target the backup job to this repository and continue the backup chain.
For more information please check this link: ... ve&ver=120

How to Move Backup: ... ml?ver=120
How to Copy Backup: ... ml?ver=120
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