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Missing drives in multiple backup jobs

Post by npbernhardt »

Recently, I discovered that I'm missing seemingly random drives i some of my backups when I attempt to restore.

The backup size corresponds with all drives being backed up, and I've confirmed the drives are MBR and non-dynamic. All are win2k8r2 servers, and we're on veeam 7.0.

I've also confirmed that all the VMs in question are set to include all drives (i.e. no selected drive only backups).

It seems to have affected multiple backups as well.

I'm attempting a restore using the FLR appliance, just to see if I see anything different, but this is a bit alarming. Am I missing anything?

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Re: Missing drives in multiple backup jobs

Post by Gostev »

Try to do a full VM restore, and if you see all drives, then this is the FLR issue that you need to investigate through support.
Otherwise, check if some virtual disks are independent or unsupported (in-guest iSCSI, pRDM etc.)

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