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Missing your post?

Post by Gostev »

We do not censor our forums, however your post may be moderated if you are:

1. Not following the rules of posting technical issues (shown when you click New Topic). Such posts are deleted permanently.
2. Creating duplicate discussions when a similar topic already exists (please, use search). Such posts are merged into the existing topic.
3. Creating a topic in the incorrect subforum (such as VMware question in general forum). Such topics are moved into the correct subforum.
4. Derailing or hi-jacking the existing discussions with an unrelated information. Such posts are split into the new, or existing topic.

Because of the required amount of moderation, we do not notify each affected poster, but you can find the new location of your post easily. Go to the User Control Panel, and click the Show your posts link in the middle of the page to see all your posts.

Newly registered users, please note that your very first post on these forums needs to be approved by moderator before it becomes visible (spam protection).


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