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Money no object absolute fastest

Post by Steve1978M »

Hi folks,

I have Veeam B&R 11 Enterprise. I have Vmware (3 hosts with 12Tb data raw). I am in the process of creating my purchase list for the coming 12 months and would like to renew the Backup environment.

I am wondering what, if money was no object and speed was the most critical, what would you set up for your B&R server, Storage and Proxys.

Secondly, Money is an object so next best alternative within a reasonable budget.

Thanks you for your input.
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Re: Money no object absolute fastest

Post by vmtech123 »

Decent storage - All flash with money no object. If I had a budget go with a hybrid solution (SSD and spinning).

The SAN gets hit pretty hard doing merges, defrags, streaming to tape, and other operations.
If your proxies have disks in them I'd still recommend SSD's / FLASH)

Get the fastest fiber and/or ,10GBE or better for your proxies..

I can push our 10 gig line to our DR site pretty hard with Veeam. I think I have 16 or 32 gig fiber for storage.

More CPU cores is better than faster CPUs in the proxies. concurrency is key. I have dual CPU with 40 or so cores in my proxies and don't regret it. (I use them for the repos as well fiber attached however)
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Re: Money no object absolute fastest

Post by BjarneWahl »

How is your VM's built?
3 VM's, one on each host, with one disk of 4TB? If that's the case, one VBR, SQL Express, 8CPU's 16GB RAM (or something like that) and next-next-finish.
If you have huge disks and few VM's, you won't need tons of CPU for transfering, but if you have tons of VMDKs, you could increase the transferspeed with more consecutive threads.

I recall I transfered +300mb/sec to a refurbished synology rs3615x, with 6TB WD RED SATA-disks, 10gbit NIC, running one big RAID5 LUN with REFS and Windows deduplication (oh my it was awful) - which would give you a window of about 11 hours for full backup. This is an extremely cheap way to go and I wouldn't recommend it, but it shows what could be possible even without a hefty sum of money.

If money is not a problem, go for an all flash array, 40gbit NIC and let your production storage suffer from exhaustion when the backup is running ;)

Or wait for v12, I recall you can use the cloud as your first backup target. Look into Wasabi, I heard awesome things about them at Veeam Unplugged, from another customer! Their pricing seem to be on point.

You can't just point at the most expenssive flashy hardware on the shelf and think it's the best. More CPU's don't necessarily make it faster.
It's all about scaling to what you're backing up. And with a small setup as yours, you could easily build something reasonable.
There are many factors to consider ;)
vSphere version
Production storage - which type and how much overhead do you have
Physical or virtual Veeam-installation
VM scaling
Kind regards

Bjarne Wahl Hansen
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