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More options for weekly and Monthly backups

Post by bbesse »

In Veeam Backup 4.0 you have the abbility to run a job as a full backup. Great. this will allow me to run the backups closer to our corporate methodology.
Can you add a option to run it every 28 days or something like once a mounth. We would like to have the ability to do a monthly backup tp a removeable disk and remove it from the server.
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Re: More options for weekly and Monthly backups

Post by donikatz »

Agreed, more-advanced scheduling has been a key enhancement request of ours; having to use multiple jobs or Windows Task Scheduler is ungainly and defeats the advantage of the simple Veeam interface. Mimicking the scheduling [& calendaring] functions that most enterprise apps like Symantec Backup Exec have had for many years would be ideal, as would the granularity of basic cron. The ability to run backup tasks in very particular intervals throughout the production day would be a big win, esp now with short CBT incrementals. Thanks! :)
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