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Move backup jobs

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We are currently testing Veeam 4.0, and were looking for an easy way to migrate backup jobs between servers. We have many jobs configured on a single physical host and have been advised that it would make sense to distribute the load a bit more across some other physical hosts or virtual appliances. As all the backups go to a large shared de-dupe pool, we can easily import completed backup jobs on all backup hosts, but how can we "move" a job from one server to another without having to re-start from a full backup?
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Re: Move backup jobs

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Hello Tim,

The only way to move your configured jobs to another Veeam Server is to move Veeam SQL DB itself to another SQL server, and then during the installation process point Veeam Backup and Replication setup wizard to the newly attached DB, so it could re-use your old DB that keeps all your configuration for the jobs.
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