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Move backupfile to remote site - Best Practis

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I got an question, that I hope someone can give me a answer to.
I have Veeam B&R V5 installed on my backup server, and it runs everyday, and making an *.vib file.
This *.vib files would I like to move to my remote backup site, and somehow "open" the file, so that I can restore en VMware machine, if necessary.
I would also like to do this, if the backup server once day dies, or some other thing.

But how is this done in best practices?

At the moment the *.vib file is 2TB large, and contain more that 6x vm machines.
And its only getting bigger.

So it is crucial that I have an fallback backup server that I can restore from.



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Re: Move backupfile to remote site - Best Practis

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To be able to restore, you actually need a full backup (.VBK) and a whole chain of incrementals (.VIB) occurred since that full till the one you want to restore from. You cannot restore just from a single incremental file. To better understand the specifics of incremental backup, I would suggest to review our sticky FAQ topic and corresponding section of our product user guide.

Besides, if you are looking for some best practices for backing up offsite, please search our forums for existing discussions: ... ackup+best

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