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Move ESXi hosts to new Vcenter 6.5 install

Post by csinetops » Oct 16, 2017 7:49 pm

We are rebuilding from VCenter 6 with embeded PSC to 6.5U1 with a external PSC . This is to support a hyperconverged solution we are implementing that requires VCenter Enhanced Linked Mode. I am aware the MoRef ID's will change and will need to use the tool to update the Veeam DB so the backups will work. I don't have the space to just fix the jobs and run full backups after the hosts are moved.

My question is; who has successfully done a controlled migration? IE, move a few hosts a day until they are all done? The company I work for would be more comfortable moving a few hosts a day instead of all in one shot. The directions in the 9.5 migration tool say "Old vCenter should not be used by Veeam Backup & Replication any more after migration". This makes it sound like you can't do a gradual migration of hosts?

I guess If it came down to it I could move my current VCenter install to a External PSC and then upgrade it to keep the MoRef ID's the same. The goal with building a new one was to keep this new hyperconvered solution we are implementing which requires VCenter Enhanced linked mode between our sites seperate while we test it out, then roll our old hosts into the new install.

Any insight from users that have done migrations like I describe would be appreciated. I have read the 17 page thread on this subject, don't see any info on how to gradually swing your hosts over.

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Re: Move ESXi hosts to new Vcenter 6.5 install

Post by DGrinev » Oct 23, 2017 4:34 pm


Unfortunately, the step-by-step migration isn't possible (what you describe), but you can add all hosts to the Veeam B&R as standalone hosts and use the migration tool to make changes in the Veeam DB.
When the new vCenter will be ready, you can add these hosts in it and repeat the process with the tool. Might do the trick. Thanks!

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