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Move SQL Database

Post by Jordack »

I have been testing Veeam for a while in a sandbox. I would now like to move it to production. What is teh best way to move the database to a full SQL 2008 server.

Or would it be easier to reinstall Veeam and choose the SQL server during installation

Ben Milligan
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Re: Move SQL Datebase

Post by Ben Milligan »

Jordack; I'm sorry, SQL 2008 is not officially supported by Veeam Backup per our release notes: ... _notes.pdf

If you want to retain your database information from the sandbox, your best bet to move the db is to use Microsofts documentation for doing so:

If you do not care about retaining the information in the database for jobs, servers, sessions, backups, etc, then reinstalling and pointing to the full SQL 2005 server is the easiest method.


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