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Move To vSphere4

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Have put a new vCenter Server in place in preparation on the move to vSphere_4 on my ESX hosts. vCenter Server is up and running. This is a new VM but I have since taken my old vCenter Server offline, and assigned my new vCenter Server the same IP address as the old one. Within Veeam B&R 4.1, I am still connected to the server, can see my jobs, etc. So, I kicked off a replica job and notice that I am getting a new message at the very bottom of my Realtime Stats. Am assuming the "Enabling changed block tracking...Changed block tracking cannot be enabled: virtual hardware version 7 or later required." will work itself out once I do update my ESX hosts this coming Tuesday? Will Veeam automatically detect my newly updated ESX hosts to vSphere4?

5 of 5 files processed

Total VM size: 36.00 GB
Processed size: 368.65 MB
Processing rate: 792 KB/s
Backup mode: SAN/NBD without changed block tracking
Start time: 4/23/2010 7:49:52 AM
Time remaining: 22:27:53

Replicating file "[VMWare2Store] NSFCU-CMC1VM/NSFCU-CMC1VM-flat.vmdk"

Enabling changed block tracking...
Changed block tracking cannot be enabled: virtual hardware version 7 or later required.
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Re: Move To vSphere4

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You should manually upgrade your VMs hardware to version 7 if you want to leverage all the benefits from using CBT technology. That's correct, Veeam Backup and Replication will automatically detect your newly updated hosts which are managed by your vCenter.
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