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Moving backup destination fails

Post by jmechy »

We are trying to move our backup destination from one server to another. The server the backups originally pointed to was set up to sync to the new server nightly with a straight file-level copy, thus duplicating our veeam backup folder on two servers. We'd like to now point Veeam from the target server to the secondary server directly. I was able to change the destination paths on two of my backup jobs with no issues, but a third one keeps giving me the following error:

Veeam Backup and Replication
Cannot update backup destination path because the following files were not found in the new location:
\\REMOTESERVER\Backups\VMDKs\Unix Servers2012-07-05T050031.vib

This file does exist on the server, and the network account that Veeam is using has full read/write access to it. How can I convince Veeam to point to this folder without errors?

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Re: Moving backup destination fails

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Try to rescan your new repository to populate it with Veeam backup files, should help. Thanks!

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