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Moving backups to archive.

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Hello. I am testing veeam for one of our clients and perhaps i am making anything wrong.
I had make a full backup is ok, instant recovery is ok too.
Now i copy the .vbk file to other folder to same backup target, the original is folder_a/backup.vbk, the destination is anyplace_visible_from_veeam_console/folder_b/backup.vbk
I am trying to import the backup in order to test the recovery of the file (and vm) from archive site.
When i try to import the backup i receive "No such file"
Where is the problem? The file is in place and is ok. Must i recreate all the path? Buff.
I am using a wrong procedure to it.
After this i need to sync that anyplace_visible_from_veeam_console/folder_b to a remote storage server via syncrify or rsync.
Is there any paper or instructions about it?
Thank you in advance.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Moving backups to archive.

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Hello Gustavo,

Import backup files procedure is pretty straight forward, the only thing you should be aware about is that you cannot import replicas.

In order to troubleshoot your problem please open a support ticket with our technical team as it is explained when you click New Topic.

As for the rsync instructions then please search the forums for existing discussion on the rsync configuration.

Here is one of the examples: Sync Master Backups to Wan in Block Level

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