[FeatureRequest] Moving/Deleting restore points

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[FeatureRequest] Moving/Deleting restore points

Veeam Logoby EmpTee » Mon May 02, 2016 1:35 am


I would like the ability to manage individual restore points and backup chains, either by deleting or moving them via the Veeam GUI.


1. If I run two active full backups of a VM in one day (for testing/troubleshooting etc) and want to delete one of them, I can't delete a single restore point without having a mismatch between the Veeam database and the restore points that exist on disk.

2. I have multiple extents in scale out repositories. These repositories are running MS software deduplication which gives excellent results with Veeam, but can be pretty slow to dedupe data since it is not inline deduplication.

If I wish to retire an extent from a scale-out repository and evacuate backups, there is no possible way to do this when I have (for example) ~200TB of reconstituted data and only ~30TB of storage to move it to. If I could move individual backup chains or data from entire jobs to another extent in the scale-out repository, I would be able to retire the extent in stages as Windows deduplication on the target repository would have time to dedupe everything.

3. I have had an issue where due to an extent running out of free space, Veeam was not able to meet the Data Locality policy and place all dependant backup files on the same extent. This meant I had a single .vib on a separate extent.
Once the free space issues were resolved, I want to get all dependent files back to a single extent. There is no way to do this.

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Re: [FeatureRequest] Moving/Deleting restore points

Veeam Logoby foggy » Mon May 02, 2016 10:11 am

Hi and thanks for the feedback! Regarding the first point, it can be addressed by the ability to remove missing restore points from the database after deleting them from disk manually.
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Re: [FeatureRequest] Moving/Deleting restore points

Veeam Logoby stuartmacgreen » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:22 am

I would like to add a thought into this operation of deleting restore points within the Console GUI.
As you stated the option to delete or forget restore points is ONLY available after manually deleting from disk first. Then to see the impact quickly rescan the repository where the manual delete took place, and then check the respective backups on disk for intended backup. This would now show those manually deleted restore points in italics.
Right click now presents the options to delete or forget. Further dependant backups that have not been deleted can actually be deleted in here as the chain is obviously broken.

My Feature Request would be, could you not make it a one stop operation. Allow deletes without the manual deleting on disk first of course with warnings.
My IDEA is in the Restore Points view right clicking has still has no function. But...
What if you had to perform a double keystroke press and right click combo on restore points to present this option to Delete or Forget.

So right click and holding eg ALT+SHIFT at same time, presents the Delete or Forget option. No one would inadvertently press or choose this option, no much more so than lax security on the repository on where the VBK VIBs etc are located.

Only make the Delete or Forget appear after right click and keystroke combo with Administrator role.
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