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Moving VMs from one job to a new one

Post by Mortus »

Having inherited our backups from a former colleague who left abruptly, I'm still very new to Veeam. As such, I'd like to try to confirm that I'm not going to screw the pooch making changes.

My current task is to try to free up some space. I have several jobs that have a retention policy of 90 days, but several VMs within those jobs do not need to be backed up for that long. What I was going to do is set them as exclusions in the current job (as the job is running against the cluster, not the VMs individually), and then create a new job with 30 day retention and add those VMs directly.

I want to confirm that if I do this, it will not remove the current backups of those machines. I know eventually it'll phase them out, but will excluding a VM cause the job to remove all backups of that job the next time it runs?

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Re: Moving VMs from one job to a new one

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It won't, unless you explicitly tell it do so.


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