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MPIO on windows server 2008

Post by cemd »


Does veeam support MPIO on windows server 2008 ?
ps: we are using emc cellerra with hardware iscsi hba.

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Re: MPIO on windows server 2008

Post by Gostev »

Hello, reportedly vStorage API supports MPIO with most, but not 100% vendors (just like it used to be the case with VCB, which officially had "limited" MPIO support). I understant that this usually comes down to correct MPIO implementation by storage vendor: we had customers reporting before that upgrading MPIO software to the latest version was resolving the issues they were experiencing. But with some specific SAN makes and models, customers just could not make MPIO to work no matter what, and they were only able to get best results with MPIO software uninstalled.

I do not recall any reports on v4 with EMC Cellerra before, so it could be that you are the first community member to try this. We would be very interested to hear you results!
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