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Multiple proxies to same HP EVA LUN ref 00187202

Post by ErikSi » Mar 06, 2013 2:59 pm

We have a HP EVA 6400 (Fibre Channel). On this storage device we present LUN’s to our ESXi 5.1 servers.
In order to backup the vm’s on that LUN through SAN the Veeam proxy server needs to see the LUN.
So far no problems..
Let’s say I have LUN_1 on de HP EVA 6400. Hosts connected to this LUn are the ESX servers and 1 proxy server
Now I have a second Proxy who is also doing backups through SAN. Is it possible to add this second proxy to LUN_1 ?
Or does this mess up the LUN when 2 different proxy servers are trying to backup a (different) VM on this LUN ?
Both proxies are attached to same B&R server

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Re: Multiple proxies to same HP EVA LUN ref 00187202

Post by dellock6 » Mar 06, 2013 11:02 pm

Hi, there is no problem at all in this configuration. Ideally, you will have masking in read/write for all your luns to all the ESXi servers, and the same LUNs masked in read/only (if the storage allows it...) to all your physical proxies. In this way every proxy can execute a job involving a VM stored in any LUN.
VMFS and LUNs both allow for clustered acces to them by different servers at the same time, if you think about it, is what already happens when you have multiple ESXi running VMs saved in the same LUN.

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