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Multiple Repo for Copies

Post by cderemer »

Hello all,

We recently purchased new storage for our main site Repo because the current one was running out of space. I plan to repurpose the old hardware to use as off-site replicated storage. We have an existing box at our off-site location, so now we will have 2 repos at that off-site location. What is the best way to take advantage of both boxes as evenly as possible? Does it make sense to have one be medium retention and the other be long term retention? Does it make sense to try and split the jobs? Is there any NAS cluster type thing that I should look into?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Multiple Repo for Copies

Post by soncscy »

Hey Christopher,

I think that Scale out Repositories are what you're looking for. It's not live-auto balancing, but chains should be split pretty evenly as long as the two extents (each server added) are more or less the same: ... ml?ver=100

This works well for a lot of the clients my shop supports, but just understand that the focus isn't live balance, it's gradual balance. That is, don't expect each repo to be byte for byte even in usage, cause that's not really what it's aiming for.

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Re: Multiple Repo for Copies

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Hi Christopher and Welcome to the Community Forums!

Just wanted to add to Harvey's suggestion that, if needed, you can then easily extend your Scale-out repo with Capacity Tier and move backups to the cloud for a long term maintenance or just mirror them there as soon as they are created. Proves to be useful in the event of disaster, when only data in the cloud is available.

Best regards,

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